Re: church broadcasts

Mary Thompson

I was in church in the choir with Arch, but do not remember live broadcasts.  Each Sunday after church, I would go home and have my 'dinner' and then get set to go to work at 'JMA. 

I remember one Sunday afternoon especially when the flakes started
coming down and I drove to work.  I think the shift started around 2 PM.  By
the time I had signed off and was getting ready to leave, we had several
inches of snow on the ground.  My car was not equipped with snow tires.....

So, I called the sheriff's department and they sent a deputy to pick me up
(I lived not far from Main Street on Peliso).  That hill on Peliso Avenue,
just past the school is pretty steep, and the cruiser started to slide, but we made it
and I was grateful to get home safely.

The next day Phil Audibert, our news director at the time, said something
like, "I hear you had an adventurous ride home last night."

Working at Radio Orange during those years was such a great experience.

All the best ~~~ Mary T.    (1975 - 1979)

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