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Mark Johnson

From my time on Sunday morning, I recall once that something didn't work and we just bagged it. I don't know if a switch wasn't flipped or the phone line was bad or what.

I can remember Bob Ward from the Lutheran Church calling prior to the start of services to make sure everything was working.

When I was there the church service had its own button below a pot on the board, so no need for patch cords. You just pushed the button and it was there.

Just before the show started it was always kind of fun to listen in (with the pot in the cue position) to the general noise made by people entering the building, snips of conversation, laughter, miscellaneous bangs and clunks etc. The fact that this passed as "fun" gives an indication of how ponderous Sunday mornings were.

Mark Johnson

On Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 1:44:22 PM EDT, Andy Lax <andywlax@...> wrote:

Yep, that was me. Bizarrely, I have no recollection of Arch being in the choir when this happened. 

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I have a pretty clear memory of his telling us about having been in the choir when someone from the station scooted across the floor to fix the connection. IIRC, the box was right there on the floor along with the basses and the tenors (Lyne Shackelford, ACH, Frank Walker).


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Probably. But he wouldn't have noticed because he was not listening to the radio...

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Atch sang in he Episcopal choir. Was he singing that Sunday?
Molly Hoffman

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I love this story. God would have smiled.

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Oops. "I used to". 

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 Are used to do a lot of Sunday morning shifts in the 1970s. I do not recall any of the church services being taped. 
Andy Lax
PS:   One time at the Episcopalian church, someone must've kicked the black box because the church service suddenly went out a few minutes after it started. I put on a long record, jumped into my car, drove to the church, went in through the side door and crawled across the choir area in front of the choir to fix it. Got a lot of strange looks. 

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I mistakenly posted this to the old WJMA Yahoo groups list yesterday. Since the move to a few email addresses have changed, so not everyone from the old Yahoo group would have seen this message. If this is the second time you’re getting the message, please excuse my error.


A few weeks ago, Ralph Graves contacted me to see if the WJMA archives had anything relating to a Sunday broadcast of a church service from Orange Presbyterian Church. He’s on a committee to observe the church’s 175th anniversary. 

I don’t have anything specific to OPC or any other church broadcast. The best I can do is this short clip from Mark Johnson of the standard broadcast opening. audio/WJMA other/Church broadcast open 1984.mp3

I replied to Ralph: "I’ve never seen anything about the beginning of the broadcasts. I'm pretty sure they were underway when I arrived in August of 1971. I have all of Arch’s “Radio Ramblins’” pieces published in the Review. He often wrote about new programs. I don’t recall any that mention the start of the Sunday church broadcasts. It’s possible John LeGarde, father of Swap Shop, would have something tucked away in his memory. I’ve copied him on this response.”

Here’s John’s reply:
Ross, you honor me by thinking I can remember intimate details about church broadcasts dating back to 1961!
Back then we used a line amp with two mic inputs and one line output; an ugly black box that, once set up, had only one feature that required attention two times per Sunday - an on/off switch.
Tapes? No! This was live stuff!
I don't recall anything that stands out as far as the Presbyterians were concerned except that they had a minister who was a ventriloquist!
There was another church, however, that was unforgettable - the minister insisted that the more microphones used, the better the broadcast. One Sunday he was pleased to see FOUR  mics; little did he know that only ONE mic was live, the other three were duds. That preacher assumed that it was the best church service ever!
Sorry I can't be more helpful. If any tapes exist, they weren't produced by WJMA. In retrospect it would be nice to have a bigger and better audio history.


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