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Barbara Potter-Drinkwater

You and Carol will be so missed. You have been such driving forced for good in the community.

I was looking at the Pat Watson Memorial Oak with its burnished gold leaves from my hot tub the other evening remembering those golden times st WjMA with all you great people In The late 1970’s when I moved down from upstate New York. I can almost here her voice: “Potter, you’re late!” If only by a few seconds on the clock. Ah, those were the days!

Happy travels to you both. You won’t have any regrets with those young grandkid years!

❤️Barbara Potter Drinkwater

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I guess that you prove that no one is a "fixture." But congratulations from someone who listened to your audition (If memory serves, I may have even opened the mic for you to read reeeal goood). I'm glad to hear that work on the WJAM archives will continue. I send my best wishes to you and Carol. Your reasons for leaving Orange make good sense, although the community will be just a teensy less gooood.

Cheers from Maine where it is about 25 degrees with 40 mph wind gusts. You won't get that weather in SC.


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Arch hired me to work at WJMA in the summer of 1971. I started on Monday
Aug 23 thinking Orange would be a good place to start and I might stay a
couple of years. Now, 47 years later we’re moving.

The moving van comes today (11/14) and tomorrow we sign papers to sell
the house. We’re going to Lexington, South Carolina, to be closer to our
daughter and two grand children. It’s very bittersweet to leave Orange
and Virginia, a place both Carol and I have lived longer than anywhere
else. It’s sad to leave so many friends. It will be nice to be more a
part of our grand kids lives as they grow. They’re now 6 and almost 3.

I’m taking almost all my collection of WJMA archives and memorabilia.
I’ve spoken to the Orange County Historical Society and they are more
than willing to take the collection of WJMA history. They don’t have the
space to store physical materials, but are happy to take digitized files.
I’ll need to get back to scanning and digitizing. The Historical Society
thinks that the Virginia Historical Society may be interested in the
physical archives. When you made that air check all those years ago, did
you ever think it might be preserved in a historical archive?

I know the Virginia Historical Society has the WRVA archive. WRVA has a
very big footprint in Virginia broadcast history. WJMA’s archive would be
a nice compliment from a small market perspective. Over the years, I’ve
looked at may radio station history web sites. I’ve never seen one with
as much saved at WJMA. Thank you for all your contributions. If you come
across additional items you’ve saved, please allow me to make a copy.

When we get settled, I hope to get back to re-editing the WJMA
documentary. I’m making it “wide screen”, updating graphics, adding
images I didn’t have for the first version, replacing some low resolution
images with newer scans, and adding some WJMA audio.


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