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Chuck Brown

I don't think I ever did that, but once while cueing up a pepsi commercial on one of those BIG discs, the young'uns won't remember those 16" monsters, (I'm 90), but we had public service programs and some commercials on them.  I turned the table until I heard the opening word which was "say"----when I backed it up, you won't believe this----it was "yes"!!!  I had to repeat it a few times to make sure I wasn't hearing things, but there it was---say--yes!!
Chuck Brown

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Never did that, exactly. I remember bumping the arm causing the stylus to go zripppppp across the vinyl and crash into whatever.

Also once was filing a spot cart, dropped it on the back end of the arm causing the stylus end to spring into the air and crash down in a random spot and then bounce around.

Thankfully, as far as I know, neither Arch nor Ross were listening during any of these episodes.

Mark Johnson

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If the brain is nothing more than a biological computer, then I need some anti-virus software.

This morning, among the random neural firings, came a memory, from along about 1975, of me sitting in the control room playing "The Felt" by Gates.

Does anyone share that memory? (And how many times did you do it?)


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