Who's here

Ross Hunter <xhunter@...>

Here's a list of those on this list as we begin. Please find your name and see if I have the right information. My memory is fuzzy on some details.

Ross Hunter
Bev Allison 1966-19?? news stringer
Phil Audibert 1976-19?? News Director
Joe Boucher 1995?-- current Program Director
Chet Burgess 1973--19?? News Director
Mitzi Clark 1977--19?? news stringer-Greene County
Len Cowherd 1978--19?? engineer
Midge Craun 1982--19?? sales/traffic/bookkeepping
Clint Estes 1977-still there sports play-by-play
Alex Formwalt 1967--19?? parttime announcer
Andre Gainsback 1984--19?? parttime announcer
Gary Gardner 1973--19?? announcer
Jane Gardner 1973--19?? news stringer
Phil Goodwin 1974?--still there announcer/current News Director
Ralph Graves 1983--19?? parttime announcer
Tom Graves 1979--19?? Sports Director/announcer
Bill Hager 1961--19?? engineer
Ben Hargett friend/sponsor
Arch Harrison 1961-1985 owner/General Manger
Chap Harrison 1968--19?? parttime announcer
Reid Harrison 1982--19?? parttime announcer/news stringer
Molly Hoffman 19??--19?? announcer
Jerry Hooper parttime announcer
Nancy Howes 19??--19?? parttime announcer
Ross Hunter 1971--1986 Operations Manager
Mark Johnson 1982--19?? parttime announcer
Susan Kalan 19??--19?? sales
Jay Kiernan 19??--19?? parttime announcer/production
Andy Lax 1970--19?? parttime announcer
John Lee 19??--19?? News Director
Bill Little 1962-1984 announcer/sales/Sales Manager
Jean Love 1972--19?? announcer
Jay Marks 19??--19?? parttime announcer
Patricia McArver 1978--19?? News Director
Laurie McCullough 19??--19?? parttime announcer
Les Myers 1970--19?? announcer
Tom Osina 1979--19?? announcer
Barbara Potter 1977--19?? parttime administrative/news
Russ Roberts 1972--19?? announcer
John Schick current General Manager
Red Shipley 19??--19?? partitme / current morning announcer
Lex Smith 1979--19?? sales
David Taylor 19??--19?? parttime announcer
Mary Thompson 1976--19?? announcer/sales
Bob Traister 1969--19?? announcer
Bob Wade 1975--19?? announcer
Joe Whitten 1982--19?? parttime announcer
Youtha Whitten 19??--19?? parttime announcer
Dave Williamson 19??--19?? parttime announcer
Seth Williamson 196?--19?? parttime announcer
Cathy Wills 19??-1971 parttime announcer
Pete York 1982--19?? parttime announcer

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