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Chap Harrison

Oh, Les! Was that YOUR motorcycle?

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I'm guessing around 150-160,000. But this is wild guess. The odometer turned back to zero after 99,999. Last June I had to give up a 1996 Honda Civic to rust. It had 352,000 miles. Original tires. (Just kidding.) I have a new-off-the-lot Honda Civic

I also bought a Honda 550 motorcycle from Don Waugh. I remember riding it to Woodberry Forest School when weather permitted, giving some little urchins a chance to flatten one of the tires. I got it repaired, and they flattened it again. Twice in a week.


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Les, how many miles do you think you put on it?  We had a Datsun station wagon from Waugh’s that served the folks well before being turned over to Ann for her days down in Williamsburg, if memory serves.  Great little car!

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That ad was funny... before the serious onus on smoking and health. I bought a 1974 new-off-the-lot Datsun pickup truck from Waugh. That truck- with a camper top that I added soon after - took me to jobs in Harrisonburg, Birmingham, and to Maine. It carried Sue, Angela and Muffins (both riding in the back), our luggage and me from Birmingham to Albuquerque, New Mexico for Christmas 1978. It carried Sue, Muffins and me to Maine and Nova Scotia in 1980 or so. Thousands and thousands of miles until it refused to pass inspection because of rust. We laugh about the travels we made in that truck, but it owed me nothing when it was towed to the graveyard in 1990 or 91 - I forget the year.The ashtray was never used except for loose change.

Les Four-Speed


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It was announced a while back that Waugh (now Waugh Harley Davison) had sold to a Northern Virginia automotive group. A few weeks ago they had an auction of inventory. Last week's Orange Review had a story with Don and Marcellene Waugh.

Here's a old WJMA commercial for Datsun cars at PD Waugh. I'm not sure about the date, but guess it's early 1970s. audio/WJMA commercials/PD Waugh Datsun 197-.mp3


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