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Patricia Mcarver

Typos?  I didn’t see any typos.  At first I feared something had happened to Chet and then I realized it was the anniversary you were commemorating.  …I’m slowing down.  J





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Let me try again without the typos…or perhaps some new ones…






CNN launched 35 years ago on June 1, 1980. Among the CNN employees on day one was Chet Burgess. Chet had started the WJMA news department in 1974. In the Fall of 1976 he left to take a job with WTAR radio and TV in Norfolk. In February 1980 Chet and Bonnie moved to Atlanta to help launch CNN. Here’s a picture of Chet anchoring an early newscast at CNN.


During his 20 years at CNN he did many things: copy edittor, anchor, supervising producer, executive producer of live programming and environmental coverage, executive producer of interactive programming and technology project manager in the CNN R&D unit. He was executive producer in the live CNN control room during the Gulf War, the Tainanmen Square massacre in Beijing, the "people power" revolution in the Philippines and various plane crashes over the years. Chet wrote the initial business plan for "CNN Online" in 1993 that grew into, and spent his last five years there creating interactive connections between CNN's television and online operations. 


The “TalkBack Live” interactive talk show featured the interactive connections he set up in 1993. He planned and produced the first web coverage of national political conventions in 1996, along with TV reports and live shots of the web activities at both conventions in San Diego and Chicago. Chet left CNN in mid-2000.


In this clip from the WJMA documentary “Now This…” Chet talks about how working at WJMA served him well when he stated at CNN.

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