Re: Youtha Whitten

Mark Johnson

Hey Pete!

You were leaving WJMA just as I arrived.

If I recall correctly you worked on Tuesday nights.

When I was hired in the Fall of 1981, after graduating from the Ace Announcing Academy, Saturday was my designated night but in short order, Jean Love decided to give up her Sunday afternoon shift, you left your Tuesday shift, and then within six months or so Nancy and Debbie also left.

I picked up all those shifts and thus went from one night a week to six.

For once in my life I had good timing!

Mark Johnson

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Subject: Re: [WJMA] Youtha Whitten
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Date: Sunday, April 19, 2015, 7:27 PM

Youtha and I were part of a group of
four who began at the same time to do the 6 to sign-off time
period.  We began either late 1979 or early 1980.  Youtha
is a class act all the way.  I remember she had a great
radio voice and a very positive outlook and
On another
note, I always read the posts but have never written until
now.  I still marvel at the long-term benefits that have
accrued to me as a result of my brief affiliation with Radio
Orange, Arch Harrison, Ross Hunter, et. al.  Time
management (30 seconds is a long time) and attention
to detail being two of them.  And I hardly ever pop my

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