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Mark Johnson

"It's OK if you make a mistake -- you haven't done anything that bad. Nobody died!""

A most important point Mary. Somewhere in my shake down period someone said essentially the same thing to me. The culture fostered by Arch and Ross forgave making mistakes. What was not cool at all was to make a mistake and not care.

Mark Johnson


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Hi, fellow JMAers,

Jean taught me a lot about
working in the control room. 

At one point I was more
than a bit frustrated about keeping track of everything:
station ID's, news, sports, weather, the meters, getting
the music going {and at the right speed}, watching song
rotation, etc.... 

She finally looked at me
and said something like:

     "It's OK
if you make a mistake -- you haven't done anything that
bad.  Nobody died!"

After that and a few more
training sessions with her and Ross and Russ, I was able to
get everything done and run the station by myself.

Jean also showed me how to
back-up the LP's and 45's so the music would start
when I wanted it to.

[And that reminds me of
one morning when I played Simon Garfunkle's (sp?)
version of What a Wonderful World.  Pat Watson walked in
the control room and said I had it at the wrong

It was the correct speed;
just a slower version of the song than she was used to!
 Pat paid close attention to what we announcers -- and
everyone else for that matter -- were doing and would not
let mistakes go by unremarked.]

Ah, memories.....

Looks like I probably will
not be able to attend Jean's service.

Take care,

Mary T

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