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Jean was a very interesting person. I first met her sometime in the early 1970s when she was training to be an announcer. 

She had an interesting background. Much of it is fuzzy in my memory, so what I write below may not be 100% accurate. She did teach at Grymes and Orange County High School. I'm sure she taught art and she may have taught English. She came to Orange from Philadelphia where she had been a draftsperson for AT&T. I don't recall why she came here. Her impact on the community is still being felt. She was one of the founders of The Four County Players. She's not mentioned on the FCP site, but Bill Thomas, Joe & Lillian Morse and Jean, got it started in 1973. The web site says 10 gathered to start FCP. I don't recall Jean mentioning any of the others.

She was also the designer of the Orange County Seal. Probably hundreds of people see it every day. It's on everything related to the county. She created the seal in for the Orange County Bicentennial Commission. At some point the Board of Supervisors appropriated the art work for county use. It was made the official seal in 1975. Jean had not copyrighted her art and after a legal battle, got a little compensation and acknowledgement that it was her creation.

Jean was originally from Cape Giradeau, Missouri, birthplace of Rush Limbaugh. I remember Jean telling me about some dating history between her mother and Limbaugh's father. 

Jean had a cousin who worked for Jim Henson of The Muppets fame. His name was Kermit Love.

When our daughter Katharine was about 3, Jean started coming to our house on Christmas eve to have dinner and stay with Katharine while we went to Christmas Eve service. When Katharine and her sister Caroline were older Jean just came for dinner. As night driving became a chore for Jean, dinner became an afternoon tea in recent years. The tradition continued for over 30 years. This past Christmas was the first time Jean was not able to come. 


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I remember Jean as one of my teachers at Grymes (I think I have this correct) and then when she started working at the station I thought, “This is someone who is willing to take on any job or interest - that’s pretty cool!”  Rest in peace.

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We just got word that Jean Love had died. At this time it’s not clear if she died during the night Friday or Saturday. Apparently it was related to complications that developed after her broken hip. When I have more information. I’ll pass it along.

Some of you knew Joe Rowe. He died last night.


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