Re: Jean Love's hip

Les Myers

Card going today. Thanks for the note. Darn hips!

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Jean Love called a few days ago to say she would not be able to attend our annual Christmas Eve get together. We've been meeting for dinner or afternoon tea for probably 30 years. This year Jean is at Dogwood Village (aka Orange County Nursing Home) for recovery and rehab from a broken hip. She fell a couple of weeks ago.

It occurred to me this morning that it would be nice to send Jean a card. At first I thought I'd get a card, sign it, send it to another person on this list, who would sign and pass it on. But that'll take weeks to finally get to Jean. I'd be happy to start the ball rolling on that plan if that's the vote. I'd include a list of those wanting to take part along with addresses, if that's the best thing to do.

Alternatively, for more timely cards and letters, you can individually send them to:

Jean Love
Dogwood Village
120 Dogwood Ln
Orange VA 22960

The front desk says they'll get to Jean.


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