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Laurie McCullough

Wasn't Reid involved in that too? we remember.....

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Does anyone remember the audio feature Phil Audibert did about a turkey farm? It would have been in 1978 (or thereabouts), and dealt with the all-important question of whether turkeys are dumb (based, if memory serves, on stories of turkeys running en masse into a corner and piling on top of each other). The farmer maintained that turkeys are smart. (I have my doubts.)

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I think Harrisonburg still has a poultry festival. Friends of mine who grew up there said that through the late 1960's Wampler would provide a few live turkeys that were thrown out of the third story of the bank as giveaways. They could flutter well enough to break their fall into the crowd below.


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Actually, turkeys can fly. I'm not sure how well they fly from a helicopter, but ironically when I saw a "gaggle" of them take off on the Appalachian Trail, they sounded like helicopters.


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  One of the funniest moments ever in TV!

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As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, this classic clip from WKRP is a must watch.

Ross Hunter '71

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