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I clicked the link below and it took me to the page. Give it another try or try this link %20page.htm> which is the same, but has %20 for spaces in the URL.


I tried the link:
Error 404: NOT FOUND!This domain name has just been registered.

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I had hoped to have a web site page for Arch ready before now, but I've fallen behind. The beginnings of the page are on the WJMA web site, but not yet linked so you can find it from other pages on the site.

However, here's a link to the page Arch Harrison tribute page.htm so you can have a look before the world know it's there. I still need to go through the almost 3 hours of video interview that Russ Roberts and I did with Arch in the Fall of 2006.

As usual, please let me know about corrections I should make or content I should add.


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