Re: June 7th Reunion

Clint Estes

Hey Willow,
     I know it is last minute, but may I join you?  Please share something food wise that is needed.
                                                              Clint Estes

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Just a reminder on the time for tomorrow (and cake is ordered): 12:58 pm to what was it? 4:58 pm? Anyway Wait til you see how Pat Watson's oak tree has grown!


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Willow what time on Saturday?  Still trying to make everything fit together.


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Thanks Ann for your reply, and we will count you as 2 then!  Would love more replies so I know how big a cake to bake!
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There will be just one of me, but I'm very enthusiastic!

Ann Harrison
Chapel Hill

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Do you need a head count for June 7?

We're 2.

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