Re: June 7th Reunion

Laurie McCullough

Ross, Willow, et al,

Though I would love seeing you all and it sounds like a great time, I'm sad to say I'm not going to make it.  The end of the school year is --- well---- impossible! 

My best to all of you- have a great time!

Laurie McCullough
WJMA part-timer :-)

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Hi, Ross,
I am writing you for Willow.  (Her computer is 'on the 'fritz."
A head count is fine -- just to give us an idea.  (But not necessary.  If your plans change at the last minute just come on.
WE WOULD LIKE Cell Numbers just in case we need to contact someone to pick something up, or we have to contact you, etc.
Thanks.  Mary

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Do you need a head count for June 7?

We're 2.

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