Re: Alfred Burt Monday At One

Ross Hunter <rossgroups@...>

I've heard from a few people who want a copy of the Alfred Burt Monday at One program. I'll probably burn the CDs at work on Monday or Tuesday. So, if you'd like to be included, let me know and I'll add you to the list.

I forgot to include with my original post, that when I bought a CD copy of the Burt songs from the Alfred Burt web site <>, I emailed a link to the Monday at One opening on the WJMA site. When the CD came there was a nice note from Alfred Burt's daughter. I'll send her a copy of the program, too.


I've acquired a CD of the Alfred Burt music that Arch used each year
for his pre-Christmas Monday At One. Using an old voice track from
the program, I put it back together with the CD audio. If anyone
would like a copy of the recreated program, let me know on-list or


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