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Hi Chap:

To this day, I pronounce "larynx" in the correct and proper manner
(lair-inks), thanks to your father's guidance. I do recall him kindly
correcting me for my mispronunciation of Chou En-lai (Joe-un-Lie), the late
Chinese premier. It seems I called him Chow-in-Lay during a newscast.


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From the supper table end of things, we were frequently told about the
reading exercises that my father gave to prospective employees.
Apparently, the test included a news article (or, more likely, three)
that included the words "larynx", "nuclear", and "Mao Tse-Tung".
Innumerable candidates were dropped from consideration for "larnix",
"nucular", or - in one case - "Mayo Teetsy-tongue".

Anybody recollect this?

PS - By the way, I thought it was AH-rinj! You're ALL fired....

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