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Clint Estes

Ross, I was not suggesting you were falling behind, just remembering when I last heard some of those Sports Broadcasters Club spots from Mason Insurance. 
It was great to have a few minutes with Carol when she came to Fluvanna the other day.

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I have fallen way behind on copying old tapes. I need to get back to that project.


    On many of my football tapes you have in the suitcase at your office are many Mason Ins. adds voiced by Mr. Hargett.  I remember him well.
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Ben Hargett died last Monday. For many, many years he was the voice
of a series of Mason Insurance Agency commercials that ran in the
first commercial break of the noon news. I'm sorry to say that to the
best of my knowledge, none of those commercials still exist.

Ben also helped out on a number of occasions on high school baseball
broadcasts. If I recall correctly he was a pitching prospect in the
St Louis Cardinals farm system.

He was always an enthusiastic supporter of WJMA.



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