Re: Swap Shop memories

Mark Johnson

My memory is from the Phil Goodwin / Marisa Murphy era.

Mark Johnson


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There might have been an index card system at some
point, but not

when I was doing the show.

When I was doing Swap Shop, Pat Watson would bring to the

room a spiral notebook and any mail that had come in. Pat

screen the calls and signal which lines were for Swap Shop.
The host

(me) would take the calls and write the items in the note
book as the

show went along. I'm pretty sure that was the system I

Each item was numbered because people would call during the
show or

later in the day asking for a phone number or detail of a

call. I recall that Pat kept the notebooks at her desk for

reference during the day.

I don't think there were many days when I'd have to
tap dance to fill

time between calls. I eventually got to the point where I

quickly write "vacuum" without any thought. That
was initially a

tough spell for me.

I don't see any Swap Shop audio on the web site. I
should do

something about that. I still remember 672-2225 as a regular



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