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Cool list!  I worked at WEHC from 1974-1977.  It is the campus radio station for Emory & Henry College.  Who knew at that time it had been around that long.

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Here's something from a little publication that Les Myers sent me.
"The RCA Radiotron Broadcast Station Directory" is probably from the
early 1930s. It's missing a cover, so the date is vague.

Only 10 cities in Virginia had stations then. A few of those calls
are still in use.
Newport News-WGH
Norfolk-WTAR, WPOR
Roanoke-WDBJ, WRBX

I'd never heard of station NAA, but Wikipedia has the answer...

The VLF Transmitter Cutler is the United States Navy's very low
frequency (VLF) shore radio station at Cutler, Maine. The station
provides one-way communication to submarines in the Navy's Atlantic
Fleet, both on the surface and submerged. The station began
operations in 1913 as a radio telegraphy station in Arlington,
Virginia, at a facility next to Fort Myer. Although its broadcasts
occasionally included band concerts and speeches, it was most famous
for its nightly time signals. The current Cutler Naval Station was
built in 1960 and became operational on January 4, 1961.

Here's the poem from Les' pamphlet. Apparently there were no women
announcers in those days.


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