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Ross Hunter <rossgroups@...>

Thanks, Clint. I'll try to make the updates on Monday.

I do still have the suitcase and feel guilty I've not done much with
it since you gave it to me.


Well Ross,you can change me to an administrator for Fluvanna County
Public Schools and since I do James Madison University football on
WSVA Harrisonburg and still high school football on WKAV
Hi to Carol!

PS I trust you still have the gray suitcase of high school football
tapes I dropped off so long ago.

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After digging through many issues of Broadcasting magazine and
Broadcasting Yearbooks, I've made dozens of updates to the All-Time
Staff List on the WJMA Alumni web site.
Most of them are for the 1949-1960 era, but there are others, too.

If you have the time, I would appreciate it if you would look at your
entry and let me know about any errors I should fix or additions I
should make. Also let me know about errors or omissions on other

Next, I hope to add to the history page of the site with information
from Broadcasting.



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