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Clint Estes

Well Ross,you can change me to an administrator for Fluvanna County Public Schools and since I do James Madison University football on WSVA Harrisonburg and still high school football on WKAV Charlottesville.
Hi to Carol!

PS I trust you still have the gray suitcase of high school football tapes I dropped off so long ago.

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After digging through many issues of Broadcasting magazine and
Broadcasting Yearbooks, I've made dozens of updates to the All-Time
Staff List on the WJMA Alumni web site.
Most of them are for the 1949-1960 era, but there are others, too.

If you have the time, I would appreciate it if you would look at your
entry and let me know about any errors I should fix or additions I
should make. Also let me know about errors or omissions on other

Next, I hope to add to the history page of the site with information
from Broadcasting.



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