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You beat me to it. I though you suggested both "All The Good Sports"
and "Sports Huddle", but I could be wouldn't be the
first time.

The suitcase of tapes is safe, but alas it's another project that has
fallen behind. For the rest of the list: Clint loaned me a large
suitcase stuffed with sports tapes covering many years. I bet the
tape contain 30+ hours of games. My intention is to copy them all to
CD. I'll get to it.


Mark, I believe you are correct that the slogan was used before I
arrived in the fall of 1977 and continued in use for a while after.
The only thing I recall using from WBZ (1030 AM) Boston was the name
of my brief sports talk show "Sports Huddle" that was on Saturday
PS Ross any progress on the suitcase full of game tapes?

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I think the "All The Good Sports" slogan was something Clint Estes
"borrowed" from WBZ, Boston. The first link on this page

I don't mean to deny Clint the credit but I think the "all the good sports"
slogan predated Clint's arrival at WJMA.

Mark Johnson

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