Re: VA Snow

Phil Audibert

I remember once having to open the station after a big blizzard. I jumped
into my trusty Isuzu Trooper and drove out in the dark in four wheel
drive. I made it out to Route 231, and headed towards Orange. As I crested the
small rise at Bill Roberts' farm in Somerset, to my horror, I heard a
train whistle. The hard packed snow-covered road sloped down to the crossing.
I was on a collision course with a train. I barely touched the brakes and
immediately the Isuzu did a 180 into the ditch. Good thing it did, because
the alternative was much worse. Needless to say, I was stuck. As the
train clattered by all I could think of was how would I make it to Orange in
time for sign on....that and the fact that I couldn't stop shaking! And
then a miracle. On the other side of the tracks, waiting for the gates to
lift was a lone two wheel drive mini pick up truck. The driver crossed,
produced a tow rope, and jerked me out of the bank. And then with a jaunty
wave, he drove off into the darkness. I made it to the station with time to
spare, but I think that morning is when my hair started to turn gray.

Phil Audibert '76-'84

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