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There is another name that should be added to this list, John Greg, with
whom I worked at WJMA from 1969 until early 1971. He was at WJMA (morning
man) years before I came and, apparently, stayed for a few years after I
left. Does anyone have any information about John?
John and his wife, Linda, visited me at my home in Front Royal in the Winter
of 1971, and that was the last time I saw either of them. It seems that the
last I heard of John (early/middle 70s), he was divorced and may have been
working at a station in California. However, I may be mistaken about this.
Any news about him would be appreciated.


You are right John should be on the list of the missing. Arch says his last name is spelled Cregg. I looked for him, but did not locate him. I also looked for Linda, but could not find her. I saw Linda a few years ago when she had a catering business. I contacted a few people who had contact with her in the last few years, but she seems to have dropped out of sight. A Google search for John Cregg turned up a few, but they all said they were not _that_ John Cregg.

John was doing mornings when I arrived at WJMA in the fall of 1971. John always seemed to be a wild one. Maybe Bill Little can add some details here.

I do recall an incident from maybe the mid 1970s. John had been gone for some time and was apparently working for the Postal Service in Denver. A letter came to Arch from someone in California and there was a "Hi Arch, John" written on the envelope. Apparently he was sorting mail and noticed the address. Small world some times.

Also from the small world department. When my company Dominion Market Research began in things were pretty slow. I was looking for projects to learn the PageMaker desktop publishing program. On Christmas eve of 1987 I heard John Lee, on the Virginia News Network, interviewing Tom Osina a spokesman for the Virginia Independent Gasoline Retailers Association. I wondered at the time if either one knew the other had also worked at WJMA. So was born the idea of an newsletter for WJMA Alumni to be called "Blast From The Past". It never got much past a couple of rough drafts before our business picked up and I no longer had time for the project. To show how long ago that was, we reviewed two movies: Broadcast News and Good Morning Vietnam.

Ross Hunter

I guess this list is a revival of "Blast From The Past".

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