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Thank you, Mark, for augmenting my story on the Misses Shearer and
Chet Hagan.

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On Oct 4, 2009, at 6:04 PM, Mark Johnson wrote:

As a side note, the Misses Shearer, Julia and Judy, were pleased to
be able to hear Chet's competent comments on the air so soon after
the races.
Someone, please tell me who these ladies were? Audibert, dig into
your archives.
There's nothing like hearing a gruff Miss Shearer giving me hell
because I didn't do a story on a certain horse race.
I made it up to her by boarding our family dogs with them when we
went on trips.
And as I recall it, their house was full of contented critters.
Best kennel in Madison County.

a r c h

It appears they were Whippet breeders. The Internet is really quite
amazing. Someone has put old newsletters from the American Whippet
Club online here:

The Whippet News from around 1959 & 1960 has several mentions of them.

Mark Johnson

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