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Clint Estes

Hey Ross,
??? Very interesting.? I enjoyed the trip down memory lane.
???? Can you come by my school on Monday?? I have an old suit case full of reel to reel tapes, cassettes and carts all with WJMA sports stuff from the mid to late 80's and early 90's.? It seems I have more somewhere, but that will take more effort on my part to find them. ( I will keep looking.)? I do not know if there is anything you can use, but you never know.?

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Clint

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I was able to get the link to a "Music Til Dawn" aircheck to work. If

you want to give it a listen try


The air check is from 1962 just before John Glenn's space flight. It

opens with a Dallas Townsend report from Cape Canaveral. Listen for

the American Airlines commercial promoting smoking on a flight!

I think I need to go watch an episode of "Mad Men".



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