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Barbara Potter-Drinkwater

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John and his wife, Linda, visited me at my home in Front Royal in the Winter
of 1971, and that was the last time I saw either of them. It seems that the
last I heard of John (early/middle 70s), he was divorced and may have been
working at a station in California. However, I may be mistaken about this.
Any news about him would be appreciated.
I am wondering if this Linda is the one who worked for me as my secretary
when I first started my real estate office at the Old Oaken Bucket. She also
catered my wedding to Charlie Potter in l977. She got her real estate
license and then went on to work for Meadowbrook Realty, got her broker's
license, but left after a few years. She used to live off Route 231 on Naked
Lady Lane? Haven't seen her in years. But she went by Linda Craig. Maybe
someone else. Anybody know?

Barbara Potter Drinkwater in upstate NY, also very cold and wintry.

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