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A great tribute and a great story.

As someone who has killed every plant in his care, including a cactus, I can say, 'God bless that tree.'

Joe Whitten

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It was right after Pat Watson's funeral that my new husband, Bev Nash and I planted an Arbor Day oak....a little snippet of a Pat's honor out by our riding ring on Cedar Hill Farm in Gordonsville. I knew an oak would honor Pat's stalwart self.

The next year, Bev, in his great hurry to mow the lawn, mowed Pat Watson down.

The next year, Pat came or two leaves, and I put stones around her so he could see her. In August, with high grass obscuring the stones, Bev mowed her down again.

Next spring, Pat came back. Bev mowed her down for the third time, even after I put big rocks around her. As I remember the mower broke on that turn.

The next year I divorced Bev. It wasn't only the tree. And the tree? Well, it's now about 20 feet high. To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:

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