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There is another name that should be added to this list, John Greg, with
whom I worked at WJMA from 1969 until early 1971. He was at WJMA (morning
man) years before I came and, apparently, stayed for a few years after I
left. Does anyone have any information about John?

He was the cause of my downfall on one of my first days at work. After I
finished my shift on a Friday afternoon, he invited me to go with him to a
local service station/beer bar and toss down a few cold ones. Even though I
was underage (at 20), I went and ended up downing 12 mugs of Budweiser
draft. We then drove to his cabin, named "Froggy Bottom," where his
girlfriend cooked us some dinner, and I downed another couple of beers from
cans. Later, some friends of John's stopped by to visit. The last thing I
remember was throwing up in a bucket that had been placed in the middle of
the living room floor (I was on the floor at this time.), while the others
commented on my method and style of delivery. I had to sign-on the station
for the first time the next morning. That is another story that I will save
for a later time.

John and his wife, Linda, visited me at my home in Front Royal in the Winter
of 1971, and that was the last time I saw either of them. It seems that the
last I heard of John (early/middle 70s), he was divorced and may have been
working at a station in California. However, I may be mistaken about this.
Any news about him would be appreciated.


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Here's a list of names that I found on a couple of printouts. A few
of these folks are around, but I have not been able to find them.
Among those that should be found are:

Rich Carpenter, Ted Carroll, Mike Coffee, Duke DuFrane, Rob Eure,
Patricia Hammill, Mary Johnson, John LeGarde, Dudley Littlehales,
Molly Moore, Marissa Murphy, Ann Pritchett, Jean Purcell, Randy
Shavis, Ron Smallwood, Page Talley, Leslie Willis. Some of these
folks may still be in the Orange area.

Mike Coffe is a financial consultant and lives near Crozet, Duke
DuFrane is in Culpeper (Lennie can you help here?), John LeGarde may
be in North Carolina, Molly Moore (now Sandridge) may be in
Charlottesville, and Ron Smallwood is an attorney and may be in
Richmond. Rich Carpenter is a UVa grad. If you are also and can log
onto UVa's Alumni website, you may be able to get an email address.
If you know any of these folks or any on the long list below, get an
email address and send it to me: xhunter@... or

If we should add any to the deceased list, please reply to the list.


Ross Hunter

Gilbert Abby 1949--19??
Jack Ambrose 1950--19??
Wanda Barnett 1963--19??
Helen Berry 1967--19??
Lelia Biabars 1966--19??
Lelia Bickers 1966--19?? news department
John E Brooks 1964--19??
Charles E Brown 1952--19??
Florence H Burrus 1953--19??
Ann G Butler 1949--19??
Eileen Butler 1953--19??
Rich Carpenter 1983--19??
Ted Carroll 1968--19??
Robert Charry 1976-19??
Wilma Christenson 1951-19??
Mike Coffe 1971-19??
Ernest Davis 1966--19?? news department
Jean Deane 1952-19??
Janet Dennis 1963--19??
James L Derrick 1951-19??
Rick Dreves 1975-19??
Lewis W Duffey Jr 1966--19??
Duke M DuFrane 1961--19??
Mary Dworkin 1983-19??
Gertrude R Early 1952-19??
Talmage England 1949-19??
Rob Eure 1980-19?? news stringer
Robert H Forman III 1964--19??
David Gafford 1950-19??
Ann B Ganz 1962--19??
James M Ganz 1963--19??
Florence S Garcia 1962--19??
Charlie Gentry 1967-19??
Mike Gleason 1966-19??
Jackie Gordon 1969-19??
Doris Green 1967-19??
Andrew J Green Jr 1966--19??
Donald Greene 1952-19??
Mary Beverley Grymes 1949-19??
Kenneth W Gunter 1961--19??
Chet Hagen 1974-19??
Gerald Hager 1971-19??
Roy Hager 1971-19??
Patricia Hammill 1975-19?? news stringer-Madison County
June Harres 1967-19??
Lewis A Harvey 1966--19??
Arthur L Hasty 1966--19??
Lula Mae Herndon 1953-19??
William Herndon 1969-19??
John Hunter Jr 1951-19??
Florence Hutchinson 1953-19??
R E Jarrell 1969-19??
Sue Jarrett 1983-19?? sports stringer
Mary Johnson 1982-19?? sales
Edward Jones 1961--19??
Doris L Kirby 1961--19??
Orville LaGuire 1951-19??
Edward Landes 1952-19??
Everett Lane 1949-19??
John C LeGarde 1961--19??
Dorothy Lewis 1951-19??
Dudley Littlehales 1976-19?? news stringer Madison County
Arthur Livish Jr 1949-19??
Ben Long 1949-19??
J R Maber 1972-19??
Wesley D Mackey 1962--19??
John MacLeigh 1950-19??
Robert Malle 1969-19??
Ann Mallory 1950-19??
Chris Mantine 1977-19??
F Joseph McCallfran 1968-19??
Charles McGinley 1949-19??
Katherine McNett 1972-19??
Dorothy Mench 1968-19?? news stringer
Donna D Mesimer 1964--19??
Jane Mills 1971-19??
Joseph Moetz 1953-19??
Mary Moore Sandridge 1980-19?? news stringer
Marissa Murphy 1980-19?? receptionist
Melissa Pierson 1953-19??
Robert Powell 1953-19??
Ann Pritchett Benzinger 1983-19??
Jean Purcell 1961--19??
Paul E Pysell 1964--19??
Joseph Quinn 1950-19??
Grey Redman 1970-19??
Nancy Richardson 1980-19??
Jesse Ring 1950-19??
Dorothy Roberts 1951-19??
Jerry Jane Roberts 1951-19??
David A Rock 1964--19??
Cindy Sanford 1969-19??
Vincent John Scappatura 1950-19??
Boyd Schellinger 1949-19??
Patricia Schellinger 1950-19??
Herman P Schmidt 1962--19??
Randy Shavis 1975-19??
James E Simmons 1952-19??
Ronald L Smallwood 1963--19??
Delbert Smith 1949-19??
William E Smith 1950-19??
Beverly Smithson 1966-19??
Arthur Snowberger 1950-19??
Clara Steele 1980-19??
Art Stone 1966-19??
Chuck Strome III 1980-19?? news intern
Page Talley 1966--19?? news department
Anne Carter Townville 1971-19??
Joseph Trivette 1949-19??
Joseph L Tully 1950-19??
Jeannie Turner 1951-19??
John Tuttle 1950-19??
Laurinda Vogt 1983-19??
Mark Walker 1970-19??
Alfred Walthall 1951-19??
Phyllis Wampler 1950-19??
Martin J Wayne 1963--19??
Claude F White Jr 1961--19??
Walter Wilkerson 1951-19??
Leslie Willis 1980-19?? sales
Robert E Witt 1963--19??

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