Re: Oh-de-Bear

Barbara Potter-Drinkwater

That sounds like Tale of Five Lives, Phil....and the beat goes on.

How I enjoyed your "County Living" each week. What tomes of research, and
you forgot to mention the stories were turned into a fine book with ...was it
Susie of Susie's Flower Basket on the front? Now there is a fine lady. I
interviewed her for the Women in Business series. She called right after the
first spot was aired ...and Phil...that first spot would never had been aired
had you not hovered over me and taught me how to cut and splice...."Why,
child," she said, "I sound just like a West Virginia hillbilly."

And then our paths crossed when Linda (Cregg) Westby, who was working at my
newly opened Roy Wheeler Realty in the Old Oaken Bucket in Gordonsville, got
married at your B & B. Magical....with all those luminaires leading up to
your palatial place. And Linda catered her own wedding. I will never forget
the salmon.

And then I sold a house to a member of your band, Alex Caton...and she
introduced me to Ryegrass Rollers. Happy group. And there you were
again...self-actualized ....yes the beat goes on.

Barbara Potter (now Willow Drinkwater)

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