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Clint Estes

???? Mike Hayes did the recording for the 1998 season.? It was not aired any other season.? Mike worked very hard on this at a studio I believe near Montipelier and did a super job!
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Clint

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I made a few changes to the play-by-play/color listing. See if it's

better now. I'm sure the dates could use some fine tuning. I need

help in listing the basketball and baseball crews.


Ross Hunter


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Clint Estes found a high school football air check
that contained the
"lost" Hornet Football Theme that Clint and Mike
Hayes cooked up in
the mid-1990s.
That's great! I had never heard it before.
Ross, on your list of announcers I can make a slight
In the years of 1982 and 1983, Clint Estes and Tom
Graves did play by play and color respectively (except
I think they flipped roles for the Madison game) and
George Fletcher did the sideline reports.
During those years Bill Little did not do any sports
Also in the early 80's we did a TON of high school
basketball. It was not at all unusual for the Orange
game to be the featured game, with live (or almost
live) in-game reports from one or sometimes two other
games, and then Sue Jarret calling in with a report on
Woodberry Forest that we taped for later playback. I
would sometimes get a call from someone I had never
heard of giving us a game wrap up on one game or
Sometimes I could communicate with the announcers and
sometimes not. I guess it depended on what kind of
line we had or what equipment they were using. During
a spot break sometimes they would say, "Hey Mark if
you have a report ready cut the volume" so I'd pot
down for an instant and when the break was over they
would intro the report.
I think it was a pretty darn slick operation all
things considered. I got pretty good at juggling all
the different elements. On the other hand......
I did the sideline reporting for one game down at
Courtland HS and it was probably my worst experience
broadcasting. I found I had nothing relevant to say
and no idea what I was supposed to be doing. It
completely cured me of any desire to "do sports".
I much preferred the nice cozy studio, twirling knobs
and pushing buttons.
Mark Johnson


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