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Clint Estes

Hey Ross,
???? I found a picture of the "sports team" when we won the 1982 (or was it 1983) non-metro state sports award.? I know almost all the folks in the photograph, but may need your help.? it was taken at Proterfield Park and we all were jumping in the air.? It was a takeoff on the Toyota commercial "Oh what a feeling... and the customers were jumping in the air.? Our leader, Tom Graves, was well off the ground!!? I will drop it by soon.
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Clint

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I agree with your memory. It was Russ thumping his chest, a technique

borrowed by Les Nessman at WKRP.

Here's Russ with the opening of the pool.




A helicopter? Mr. Roberts! Methinks you recall doing some shticks whilst
thumping your chest to imitate the sound of a helicopter reporter!
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I would need some of Dr. Bob Miller's "20/20 Hindsight Glasses" to
the story of the WJMA Swimming Pool as it happened in all its detail. It's
been a few years!
As I recall, we had "liberated" several of Bill Little's production tapes.
When producing commercials, "spots," Bill always made a few level (volume)
checks before launching into persuasive reasons why we should all run out
and buy one of Buck Early's used cars. "Test, test, ha, ha, test, okay
..." We wondered how we could put those tapes to good use ...
It could have been around Memorial Day, but I seem to remember it was
in the season. I don't remember who "we" were ... Burgess? Audibert?
Kiernan? ... but we decided it was time to open the brand new WJMA
pool. Arch was mighty generous. Instead of buying himself a new car from
Buck to replace the old, green Chevy, he chose instead to build a new pool
in the WJMA parking lot!
It looked a lot like the pools one used to see in motel parking lots along
U.S. Route #1; concrete skirt, deck chairs, chain link fence. Arch didn't
want to hide it out back because the pool was meant to be enjoyed by
employees and members of the community at large. Besides that, there were
too many mosquitoes out back in the swamp. And the shadow from the
broadcast antenna, it was feared, would cast weird shadows and screw up
We decided Bill Little, as announcer/swimmer emeritus, should have the
of the first dive into the blue, shimmering water. It was so inviting! The
promise of cool refreshment on hot Virginia days made the pool
irresistible. Not a lot of radio stations had such a beautiful perk!
Of course, we covered the inauguration live on WJMA AM & FM [Ross Hunter
has the audio on the website].
Bill stepped up on the diving board. Even now I can see the way Bill's
figure was reflected in the azure ripples. "Test, test, ha, ha, test, okay
..." and off he jumped from the diving board. He made a great splash. The
size of the resulting tsunami may have been the motivation for Bill's
extraordinary and long lasting weight loss program. I don't know that for
We had quite a number of wonderful radio station accouterments. The
swimming pool wasn't the only one! Often I'd step over to the WJMA Piano
and play a simple song while reading about lost dogs and spaghetti
With never a lesson, it was amazing how much I sounded like Roger
That control room had wonderful acoustics.
We even had a helicopter! It was a Bell 47 like they used on M*A*S*H, old
but serviceable. Tell me what other small market station had a helicopter
for traffic reports!
I don't know why I ever left WJMA.

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