Like a family reunion

Patricia McArver <pmcarver@...>

Greetings from Charleston.
I'll join the others in thanking Ross and Les for getting this listserve going. It's been 19 years since I left WJMA and in all the places I've worked I have never again found the sense of family that Arch cultivated at Radio Orange. He really did bring out the best in everyone.

One of my earliest and dearest Arch stories occurred very soon after I started working there in 1978 as a part-time Madison County reporter. Arch called me back into his office and asked me to read a paper with the words "being" and "shining" on it. I did and he delicately pointed out that both those words end with a "G." He worked patiently to refine my Carolina/Georgia accent with a fair amount of success over the six years I was privileged to be at the station. I left in 1984 for a job at the Madison County Eagle and work has never been the same since.

I'm now touting the wonderful opportunities that await your children or grandchildren at The Citadel (with apologies to Lennie whose sons are at those other military schools). Had the pleasure of seeing Audibert and Suzie when they came through last fall. I hope others who are down this way will check in.

Speaking of the missing, what ever happened to Digby Solomon? Last I heard he was at the newspaper in Norfolk.

I'll look forward to reading news of old friends.

Take care,
Patricia McArver aka McAnk

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