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Mrs. Coleman is still active serving as a tutor for students at Prospect Heights Middle School during the 06-07 school year.? Recently she approached me annd ask me to sign her form to again run for the school board.? Seems she still has a bit of fight left and is not happy with the way things are going with the current board.?? Andy, this same fireball got upset with my cafeteria staff the other day complaining she did not get enough food on her tray before starting her tutoring.? People really never change their spots.
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The woman on the left, supervising the
allocation of shoes
taken off to protect the gym floor by the attendees,
is Murcelle
Coleman, who taught geometry, and who was an amazing
fireball of a
teacher. You would know better than I, but I
believe she was on the
Orange Town Council for a while in later years.

Mrs. Coleman was on Orange Town Council back in the

70's and was later appointed to the Orange County

School Board on which she served for a number of

years. After the county switched to an elected school

board in 1999, she ran and served one final term.

Mrs. Coleman is still alive and I just recently heard

she has moved into an assisted living facility in


Mark Johnson


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