Barbara Potter Drinkwater remembers

Barbara Potter-Drinkwater

What a gift, reunite the special group from WJMA. This will be fun.

I was 36 years old back in l977, having just moved to Virginia from Western
NY, with my three girls, 13 and under and needed a parttime job. Arch
Harrison and WJMA changed my life. I was the Louisa stringer, produced the
swap shop and did the series: Women in Business. Arch said to me when I
first arrived, "There are so many women who have their own businesses...I
think there is a story here." He gave me carte blanche....and when I
interviewed Susie Bresee who had the Century 21 franchise at the time, I was
so taken with her description of the business, I went into real estate in
l981...with Art Wood's Realty World, then opened a branch office for Roy
Wheeler Realty in Gordonsville, and my own office, Barbara Potter &
Associates in l989, expanding to Ruckersville. In l997 I sold both offices
to Montague Miller & Company Realtors and worked for them until I retired in
August, 2002 and am now living with my husband, Alan in upstate NY on frozen
Conesus Lake until he retires in August, 2003. We will then move back to
Cedar Hill Paradise Farm on Route l5 in Gordonsville and live happily ever

Besides taking up painting, referring people to good Realtors (joined
Montague Miller's referral company), and writing my book LIFE IS A GOD TRIP,
only God knows where you'll end up...I am in my 9th year of marketing
nutritional products through Cell Tech and have my own website...<A HREF="">Click here:
Energy for your dreams Personal Story - Health, Nutrition, Financial

Have so many memories...and will post them from time to time, but the most
important part of WJMA was and is the excellence. It may have changed from
our Golden Years with Arch...but Phil Goodwin is still there, holding the
community together as only he can. Phil Audibert could easily have taken
over Walter Cronkite's job...but he wanted a life. And Pat Watson....I don't
think IBM would be in such trouble if she were the Watson in charge. Miss
her. Although she did drive me crazy with, "You're early, Potter.." if I
showed up at l minute to 9...or "You're late, Potter..." if I were a minute
past ....

Barbara Potter Drinkwater
4499 East Lake Road
Livonia, NY 14487 585-346-5583

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