Re: Trips to the proverbial woodshed

Phil Audibert

Hey radio Orange folks,

I came back from West-by-God-Virginia, where I have been since Monday, to
find 225 e-mails in my box...most of them from this list service. So, please
forgive me, for not reading all of every single one. And I do hope Ross is
keeping all of these stories on a file of some kind.

But of the e-mails that I skimmed, I came to realize that the WJMA family was
indeed special, as evidenced by the following Arch Harrision story.

Phil Goodwin and I were hired the same week in August of 1976. Naturally
both of us referred to our bearded boss as Mr. Harrison. One day, Phil G was
talking to Arch and saying "Mister Harrison this, Mister Harrision that," and
Arch suddenly turned to him and said. "Whenever people call me Mister
Harrison, either they owe me money, or I owe them money. Please call me

I'll never forget it.

Phil Audibert

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