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Subject: Re: Swap Shop Recollections...

Anncr:"Hello, this is SWAP SHOP"
Phil A: "I have a new CD for sale"
Anncr: "Oh yes and what kind of music is it?"
Phil A: "This time it's half and half, Irish-Americana."
Anncr: "What's the name of the band?"
Phil A: "You're not gonna believe this, but it's Odd Legged Jenny.
Anncr.: "What?"
Phil A: "Never mind."
Anncr: "Aren't you a little embarrassed to use this forum to sell your CD?"
Phil A: "'s swap shop. Just call 672-2225."
Anncr: "No, no, that's a wrong number."
Phil A: "Just e-mail me if you want to order one. ($15 + $1 for S & H,
payable to OLJ, 9116 Open Gate Rd. Gordonsville, VA 22942. And now I have some
ducks for sale. They are named Hughie, Dewey, Louey and......(click)"

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