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Date: Sunday, January 19, 2003 19:40
Subject: [WJMA] Let's get started

This is the beginning of the WJMA Alumni listserve. Yahoo won't let
me add more that 50 email addresses to start a list. After the
initial 50 individuals have to add themselves. After a lot of
searching we've located 50 current and former WJMA employees.

I think I've written to or spoken to almost everyone I've added to
start this list. If you've been added and don't want to be, use the
unsubscribe information that is sent along with this email.

The idea for this list can be credited to Les Myers (1970) who wrote:
"Why don't you develop a listserv that all three or four of us who
are within e mail contact could palaver?" It turns out _everyone_ has
email. I've started this, now it's up to you to keep it going.

I don't expect the traffic on this list to be heavy once the initial
surge passes. If at anytime you want to leave, just follow the
unsubscribe link.
I'll send another email with a list of who is on the list. If you
have contact with someone not on the list, invite them to join or
send their email address to me and I'll invite them. (My email
address is: xhunter@...). I'll also send a list of those I
have not been able to locate and those who have died.

I've included John Schick, current WJMA General Manager, and Joe
Boucher, current WJMA Program Director, to keep us posted on current
WJMA news. There's a lot happening to the stations these days. I hope
they'll chime in soon.

Almost everyone now on the list comes from the Arch Harrison era. The
list is not limited to that crowd. However membership is not open to
anyone. I don't have any records or much knowledge of the staff after
I left in 1986. New members must ask to be added. If you know someone
who would like to be added, please pass along the name.

This list is a good place to let us know where you are and what you
are doing. I'd also encourage you to pass along interesting web links
to broadcasting sites. Like printer's ink, it's hard to get
broadcasting out from under your nails. If you go to the Yahoo Groups
homepage of the WJMA Group, you will find links to photos. I've
posted a few with old station logos. Those files are open to all list
members. Feel free to add any memorabilia you have. All emails to
this group are archived. Any late joining folks can go back and
review old messages.

Back in 1983 when WJMA was about change ownership, we had a Farewell
To The First Golden Era gathering. Many of you were there. Les Myers
was, and remains, in Maine and was not able to attend. He wrote that
"I wish I could be there to celebrate, tell bawdy backroom ballads,
tearjerking tales, jousting with jovial wit and rerunning the Best of
the Menus." Now through the miracle that is the internet, we can
reconvene the party and exchange tales. Let the fun begin.

Ross Hunter

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