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Ralph Graves

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I just read that high speed Internet now has a reach of 50% of the U.S.
population.  Technical
issues aside, how about putting the Clint Estes Friday Football Show on
the web ... then not only Gramps in Unionville, but older cousin Billy
in Iraq could enjoy the game?
Maybe 50% of the country, but certainly not 50% of our listening area! I
think a significant part of the folks who would want to listen either don't have
an Internet connection at all, or would be loath to tie up thier one phone line
for several hours with a dicey dial-up connection. The digital divide is
quite real - especially outside of Charlottesville. The other recent statistic to
keep in mind is that 20% of those with Internet access are "reluctant users."
These are the folk who got it primarily for e-mail, but only check their
e-mail a few times a month.

Perhaps someday, when the county has broadband service.

Ralph Graves

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