Re: high school football, gone?

Clint Estes

Thanks Ross,

After some discussion thre are two possibilities for the high school
football season. First are drop-in reports on WJMA and 105.5 (Louisa) 2 or 3
times per hour beginning about 7:45 until about 10:30. This would mean getting a
person at each game to call in with a score update and or highlights that Red
or I include in these updates. This option is running into trouble counting
on someone to call us at the station. The feeling was that theses "stringers"
would not be paid and there was concern on a bad weather nights (or other
reasons) they may decide not go to the game and we would have no information to
share. The second option seems to be better in that it would be a 10 minute
wrap show on Saturday mornings similar to the old DeVivi (sp?) high school
scoreboard. Both Red and I would be reporting.
Culpeper, Louisa and Orange will no longer have their games broadcast.
The station will also not broadcast Virginia Tech.

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