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Mark Johnson

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I haven't looked at the numbers on programs like this, but I would
surprised if station owners were obtusely and out of some
masochistic motive opting for programming that netted them fewer
listeners and fewer advertising dollars.
My problem with this mindset is that it assumes that all business
owners know what they are doing, are asking the right questions, are
making the right moves etc.

In my business I don't intentionally do stuff that limits my profit
potential, but I'll bet you gold bars to dirt clods that I could do
better, and that some things I do are downright dumb.

Even a corporate power like WalMart makes bad decisions.

I doubt that KMart intentionally went broke.

In spite of degrees from Harvard, focus groups, and market research,
business people foul up.

Dumping high school football in a market this size just does not add
up. This is a small market. In order to be viable a local station
has to give listeners in the area a REASON to listen to them instead
of one of the bazillion other options.

There are really only two reasons to listen to one station over the
other. Content and signal strength.

Signal strength is not an issue with dozens of broadcast stations
plus the infinite options via satillite (via DishNet and for no
additional cost over my TV channels, I get 20-25 music channels) and
the Internet.

So we come down to content. Without local news, sports, public
service, and weather (and I mean real weather, not canned, updated
twice a day stuff, if there's a tornado warning tough luck) why
choose the "local" station?

This trend is all over. I was in Charlottesville yesterday and heard
a local newscast on WINA. It was either 4:30 or 5:00. The "newscast"
consisted of:

A: A remote on a traffic snafu on Barracks Road (not even a main
commuter artery) due to a cement truck overturning TWO AND A HALF

B. A brief mention of a back road closing in Greene County due to
bridge repairs.

Wow! This is what we are getting from "Charlottesville's News

Mark Johnson

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