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Maybe the confusion between "Ross" and "Russ" is what prompted me to
start calling you "J. Ross." Of course, I was always pretty clear who I
was; I never had a blurry identity crisis even though everybody else in
town thought we were both "Ross" (perhaps we shared the experience of
identical twins). At least once I had merchants tell me about the typo
on my checks!

I think I hoped my calling you "J. Ross" would become part of the
collective consciousness (often I've had the quixotic hope that I could
change people's habits ...)

It's too bad the moniker we gave you for the big soft ball game never
stuck... "Tuna Fish Hunter."

Russ Roberts

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Sometime in the mid 70's I received a letter from a listener addressed

Orange, VA"

Sonny Dodson and the staff at the Orange Post Office knew where it was
supposed to go; they delivered it to the station.

Russ Roberts

You are pretty sure that was a "u" and not an "o"? :-)

I recall dozens of times you couldn't tell whether the phone caller
said Russ or Ross; or whether Watson yelling "Russ" or "Ross"; or
whether the person just got confused and called the first name that
came to mind. It was easier to just answer and sort it out later.
When Watson called you be last name there was no doubt who she was
looking for or that you had crossed some line.

I also recall lots of phone calls for "Phil" and having to determine
if the person was looking or Goodwin or Audibert. Then there were the
news calls for Phil where the person clearly had no idea how to
pronounce Aubibert. Phil solved that problem to some degree with his
license plate "O D Bear".

Then there was Big Bob (Bob Wade aka J.D. Slade) and Mad Bob (Bab
Barnett). By the way Bod Wade's email has been bouncing for at least
6 months. Does anyone on the list have contact with him?

Ross (not Russ)

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