The Dark Ages of telephone service

Cathy Christovich <cchristovich@...>

Arch Harrison wrote:
Speaking of that old four-digit phone number:
When I had occasion to talk with New York Ad Agencies - not very
successfully I admit - and it came time to give the phone number, the
couldn't believe we only had four numbers!
This provoked some "Aw. c'mon. you're kidding ?" conversations.
This would have been in the late '60s. I vividly remember visiting a
college friend who lived on Long Island and trying to call home to Orange
"collect." The operator, with all the New York attitude she could muster,
told me "I'm sorry, you do not have enough DIGITS."

I'm happy to report that I am once again receiving the list. Thanks to
some changes in our e-mail system, all you guys and gals are no longer
considered spam. I kept up sporadically, but it was tough to remember to
access Yahoo so I could read the posts.

Thanks also to you all for remembering my mother, Delia Wills. We miss
her, but she was very ill and is now at rest. Her illness distracted me
from attending your reunion, and I'm very sorry to have missed it. I
truly hope I won't have to miss the next one.

Best to you all. I'm glad I'm back in the loop.

Cathy (Wills) Christovich '70-'71

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