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Mark Johnson

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"NPR : Analog Tape Fading into History". Fans of reel-to-reel tape
prefer its sound quality, but few companies still make analog tape
machines -- let alone the tape. NPR's Rick Karr reports on the
decline of analog tape.
I just added another reel-to-reel to my "collection", via eBay. It
came today and I was trying to find some info about it online.

I happened across an article about the impending end of reel-to-reel
recorders and the tape itself.

Then I came across a couple of refrences that seemed a bit off, so I
checked to see if there was a date on the article.

It was from 1986.

Mark Johnson

(listening to old JMA tapes on my "new" GE STEREO Symphony, now if I
can juss figger out how to upload some of this stuff.)

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