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In cleaning up some long neglected piles of stuff at home, I came across a WJMA coverage map and rate card.

The coverage map quotes US Census data and says it was updated 10/15/65. At the top of the page the copy reads: "It it's ACTION you want, it's ACTION you'll get by using WJMA's well-rounded News, Weather, and Sports broadcasts with (italics) Satisfying (end italics) middle-of-the-road music." At the bottom of the page the copy reads: "WJMA's emphasis on Local Broadcasts builds tremendous Loyalty and Response in this well-balanced Primary (0.5MV/M) 5-county $95,000,000 market...ideal for testing."

Additional copy on the sheet says: "WJMA Radio with Local Programming, Interest and Action gets thousands of people in Motion aided by Station promotion. Here are some promotion examples: Promotion A with 36,000 entrants; Promotion B with 42,000 entrants."

At the time WJMA was AM only. The phone number listed is 7263.

The rate card is #13 effective April 1, 1974. You could buy a one-time morning drive 60 second spot for $4.75, but if you bought 1,000 or more in a year the price dropped to $3.60 per spot. That's only about 20 spots a week.

You could also buy a "PIN Point Plan" (Participation In News) 60 second spot for $5.50. The Sports Broadcasters Club was available for a flat rate of $1.85 per day with billing based on the number of days in a month regardless of the number of spots run. And there was the announcer's favorite "LIP Service" spots (Local Impact Plan) where you got 30 5 second spots per day. The daily cost...$18.

The line drawing of the radio station on the front of the rate card sure looks like the work of Jean Love.

The Russ Roberts tape I recently digitized has Russ doing a great job on some LIP spots for Horsefeathers. If you didn't know about the all-you-can-eat seafood feast at Horsefeathers, you just weren't listening.

When I return from a short trip out of town, I'll scan these items and post them to the Yahoo site.


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