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Hi Ross and All:

This is a great idea and a welcome walk down memory lane.

Here's the condensed version of my life from my WJMA years to the present:

I worked for Arch from the Summer of 1969 until January of 1971 when I left to take a job as salesman at my Alma Mater, WFTR Radio in Front Royal. In 1964, I started my radio career there as an announcer while I was still in 10th grade at Warren County High School. I retired from broadcasting (permanently???) late in 1977 as Sales Manager and Chief Engineer of WFTR.

I began my next career in 1978 as a freelance writer. From 1978 until 1995, I wrote 152 textbooks and technical books on various subjects that ranged from broadcasting to flying light aircraft to computer programming. My publishers were McGraw-Hill, Prentice-Hall, Harcourt-Brace-Jovanovich, Academic Press, and Simon & Schuster. In early 1995, a Washington DC firm contacted me with questions about one of my books on computer programming. A few weeks later, I was contracted by them to develop a major (for me) software product, one for which I still provide support today. I entered semi-retirement in 1997. I also had a separate career in politics, having served as a Town Councilman, starting in 1977, and retiring as Mayor of Front Royal in 1992.

Oddly enough, my "permanent" retirement from broadcasting came to an end in 1999, when I went back to work for WFTR (and WZRV-FM) as a part-time engineer, a position I hold to this day. So, I'm still keeping my hand in radio broadcasting.

As was the case when I lived in Orange, I am still an avid ham radio operator, but my newest passion is SCUBA diving. In June of last year, I achieved the certification of Divemaster and hope to become a certified SCUBA instructor in the Summer of this year. I have just returned from a diving trip to the island of Bonaire, about 40 miles off of the North coast of Venezuela, and I'll be going back again as soon as time and money permit.

On a personal note, I am currently single, having gone through a divorce from my first wife in 1975 and my second wife in 1984. For me, marriage is sort of like taking a bath: Once you've been in it awhile, it doesn't seem so hot.(chuckle) My son, Rob, is doing well as a graphics designer. Thankfully, he is currently in Virginia, having just returned from an extended stay in California. Lastly, those of you who knew me as a rather long-haired individual will be tickled to know that I still have long hair........ both of them!!

I am saddened to hear, again, of the passing of Pat, Gene, Gil, and the other former WJMA employees. I knew and worked with these first three, having been especially close to Gil Bryan, who lived near me after our WJMA days and who was a one-time golf buddy and business partner before moving away. The email confirming their deaths brought the loss to full reality but also rekindled memories of the wonderful times that we once had.

On a happier note, my life's philosophy is still the same as it was way back in 1969 when I went to work for Arch, "Anything worth doing is also worth OVERdoing."

And, yes, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Warmest Regards to All on this List,


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