Re: Who's here

David Taylor

Wow! Impressive list, Ross ... must've taken quite a bit of work to track us all down. Thanks for doing such great work!

Just scanning through the list brought back a lot of memories for me (part-time announcer/sportscaster from 1975 to 1978). After leaving WJMA, I worked for a handful of other stations for about five years, but none had the impact on my life that 'Radio Orange' did. I first thought radio might be the career for me as a freshman in high school and Arch worked with me patiently (as well as Ross, Russ Roberts, Jean Love, etc.) for many months to help me lose my central Virginia accent. My first on-air stint came as a producer(?) and news reader during Russ' Sunday night talk show. I can't imagine any of the managers or staffs at any of the other stations I worked for spending that much time with a high school kid.

Though radio hasn't remained my career, I use many of the skills that I began to develop at WJMA every day. I'm currently the Director of Electronic Communications at James Madison University. My primary duties include the JMU Web site and production of promotional videos for the university.

And I'll never forget Bill Little giving me a shot at baseball play-by-play in '75 ... I guess I've never gotten over the thrill of calling a game ... just this afternoon I did a JMU-William & Mary women's basketball contest. Today was every bit as much fun as that first game 27 years ago at Porterfield Park.

I'm delighted to be a part of this and look forward to hearing from all of you and finding out how you're doing.


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