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Welcome to the Work Fitness & Disability Roundtable.  Join us! 

The WFDRoundtable is a free email discussion group with roughly 1000 members -- all of whom are professionals.  We work in many disciplines and settings, but all of us get involved in the medical or functional recovery of ill or injured working people, whether at the individual, program, or system level.   This group has been active since 2001. 

If you want to join us, your eligibility must be verified before your membership will be approved.   So, please do these two things:
1. Fill out an application for membership at 
2. Send an email with the subject "subscribe" to

WATCH for your TWO welcome emails - the first one will say your membership has been approved, and the second one will welcome you to the list-serv.  If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, please send an email to


Using either our email list-serv or our group's website, WFDRoundtable members exchange information, literature, resources, and practical tips for ways to prevent and minimize the disruptive impact of medical conditions, impairments, and disabilities on peoples’ daily lives, especially work, and to promote the health and productivity of the American workforce.  Our special focus is improving functional outcomes in situations in which new injuries, illnesses, or the progress of chronic medical conditions have temporarily or permanently changed peoples’ ability to function in their "usual" way.  When specific cases or issues are brought to our attention, members often enjoy contributing their perspective and suggestions.

Active members of the WFDRoundtable include physicians, psychologists, PTs, OTs, nurses, and other healthcare providers; case and claim managers; safety and risk managers; return-to-work coordinators; human resource professionals; vocational counselors; program administrators, government regulators, union representatives, consultants, lawyers, journalists, etc.

Dr. Jennifer Christian is our founder and very active Moderator -- the so-called "Ruler of the Roundtable."  She reviews and approves all messages before they are released to the whole group -- which includes her Humiliation Prevention Service that corrects spelling errors and diverts messages meant for individuals only.  Dr. Christian is the President of Webility Corporation which sponsors the WFDRoundtable.  Webility is a management consulting and training company that serves as a catalyst for positive change in disability benefits and workers' compensation systems.

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