Another project? #morsecode #hamradio #diy #paddlekeyer #amateurradio

Jason - WV3V

Howdy Gang,

Sometimes it’s nice to have people in the know. I was looking at some 3-d printed items the other day on, this is a website for 3-d printed objects that people have made and shared their files, and found a paddle keyer I liked. I’m actually more of a straight keyer kind of guy, but want to learn how to use one. So, I down loaded the .stl file for the keyer and had an acquaintance make it with his 3-d printer. It didn’t take long at all and the results were pretty good. 

I was able to stop by Home Depot and grab some #6-32 flat head screws and got it put together minus the wiring. The spring is from a pen, and gives just enough push-back for the tension. I may change this out later with some magnets. 

Enjoy, Jason Wv3v.